Two well-known Japanese companies – Sony and Honda – have joined forces to create a new company called Sony Honda Mobility and a new electric car. Not even just an electric car, but a separate AFEELA brand under which electric cars will be produced.

However, so far only one copy has been presented. And that is only in the form of a prototype. But it is already quite close to the production version. So, the AFEELA electric car is a rather large sedan: 4.9 meters in total length and 3 meters in wheelbase.

In addition, the new AFEELA is distinguished by carefully developed aerodynamics: 21-inch wheels with special discs are used, the shape of the roof resembles a drop, and miniature cameras are installed instead of mirrors. Among other interesting features, it is worth noting the Y-shaped steering wheel and large horizontal displays, which actually form the front panel in the cabin. The developers also promise a third level of control autonomy.

But the AFEELA electric car will have to wait. The start of orders for the new product is scheduled for mid-2025, and the first serial copies will be ready in early 2026.