Among the electric cars in Ukraine, a new interesting addition appeared in the form of the MG4 Electric hatchback. What it can offer, what features it has, how much it costs in Ukraine – all this is discussed in the review of the model.

A compact hatchback on a new platform

What is MG4 Electric? This is an example of globalization. After all, this is a hatchback of the British brand (MG) and Chinese production (SAIC), which belongs to the typical European C-class: its length is 4.29 meters, the width is 1.84 meters, and the height barely exceeds 1.5 meters. Among the dimensional parameters, the wheelbase stands out – it crosses the mark of 2.7 meters.

And all because of the use of the new MSP platform, designed specifically for electric vehicles. Usually, a feature of such designs is a long wheelbase, which allows you to place a large battery. In addition, the MG4 Electric will get rear-wheel drive with a single electric motor and fully independent suspensions.

Electric carMG4 Electric is a 5-door C-class hatchback with a “base” battery and rear-wheel drive. Doesn’t remind you of anything? Such a concept for electric cars is already known. But, of course, the design here is its own: pointed headlights, a small hood, protective moldings on the doors. The latter try to hint at a SUV, but the lack of all-wheel drive and a “light” clearance of 117-150 mm hinders. Heating and cooling system for the battery are claimed.

What’s in the cabin? Digital instruments and a 10-inch display

A large wheelbase and a flat battery below promise us good legroom for passengers. But it will be possible to appreciate this only at a personal meeting with the electric car MG4 Electric.

But you can view and understand the layout of the interior right now. And what you immediately notice is the horizontal orientation of the front panel, the digital instrument panel, and the 10-inch touchscreen display.

A typical 5-seater interior with a standard trunk (350-1177 l) for a model of this class. But the details are interesting: for example, the steering wheel of an unusual shape or the central console with a protrusion for the selector. Note the two large color displays – they are included in any MG4 Electric package offered in Ukraine. By the way, about this…

Two versions, two prices – starting from UAH 987,000

The MG4 Electric electric car for Ukraine is offered in two versions, which differ significantly from each other – both in terms of technical features and equipment.

So, the MG4 Electric STD electric car offers a 51 kWh battery (350 km WLTP range) and an engine power of 125 kW (170 hp), and the standard equipment already includes: frontal and side airbags, inflatable safety curtains, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, LED headlights, climate control. The price of the MG4 Electric STD is from UAH 987,000 or $24,500.

An alternative is the MG4 Electric Luxury version with an increased battery capacity of 64 kWh (435 km WLTP), a more powerful engine (150 kW or 204 hp), expanded equipment: added control of “blind spots” and cross traffic behind, heated seats, 17-inch light-alloy wheels, “360” camera, etc. The cost of the MG4 Electric Luxury is from UAH 1.18 million or almost $30,000.


Offering only two options, the MG4 Electric hatchback actually offers a wide range of choices for different categories of customers: different equipment, and, of course, different prices. And it is also interesting that the two versions differ in terms of battery, power, equipment – however, they are almost identical in speed parameters: acceleration to a hundreds km in 7.7-7.9 seconds and a maximum of 160 km/h.

So what awaits this electric car in Ukraine? Of course, taking into account its origin, configuration, cost of the MG4 Electric hatchback? Only time (and sales) will give the most complete answer, but the appearance of a new model in Ukraine in such turbulent times is another positive signal for the country’s car market.