Google Voice has made it easier to filter out spammers trying to call a user’s number. Google announced that the service will now flag suspicious spam calls and mark them with a big red exclamation mark. Spam calls and texts have been a big problem for years, and they’re not going away anytime soon — according to the FCC, US consumers receive approximately 4 billion robocalls per month, and fraudulent calls cost Americans nearly $30 billion in 2021. Google says the feature is designed to protect users “from unwanted calls and potentially harmful scams.”

The new “suspected spam” flag will be displayed not only on the incoming call screen, but also in the call history for future reference. If you confirm that the call is spam, any future calls from that number will go straight to voicemail and all call history entries will be sent to the spam folder. But if you confirm that the number is legitimate and not spam, the warning will never appear for it again.

Google Voice now flags spam calls

The new label will only appear if your spam filter in the Security section is disabled. If enabled, all calls that Google suspects are spam are sent to voicemail from the start.