Samsung introduced laptops in the Galaxy Book2 Pro line based on 12th generation Intel processors back in February – and now announced an updated version of the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, which will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 8cx Gen 3.

This is the first 5nm chipset for Windows-on-ARM devices, introduced late last year. Compared to its predecessor, Gen 2, it has become much more powerful: +85% CPU performance in multi-threaded calculations and +60% GPU performance.

As for the physical dimensions, the updated Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is no different from the Intel version, it is a thin and light 13.3-inch model: 11.5 mm thick and 1.04 kg. The AMOLED screen, as the name suggests, can rotate 360 degrees, thus turning this laptop into a tablet (S Pen stylus is included).

There is no performance comparison with its predecessor, but it is known that the new Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 will have significantly better battery life: in video playback mode, it will be able to last up to 35 hours, while the Intel version of the battery lasted only 21 hours.

The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 will go on sale in South Korea on January 16, with an MSRP of 1.89 million Korean won (~$1,500). Note that this is more expensive than the Intel version, which cost 1.65 million won (~$1,300).