Due to terrorist attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, people are forced to live in conditions of constant power outages from several hours to several days. This affects the stability of devices, including security systems. Ajax Systems explained how to ensure the autonomous operation of the Ajax system in conditions of a long-term lack of electricity.

In the event of a power outage, the Ajax Hub will automatically switch to the built-in battery backup mode, and the sensors will continue to operate from the built-in batteries. However, even this is not enough if the power outage lasts more than 15 hours. If frequent outages are repeated, Ajax Hub needs backup power and backup internet connection.

You can see how to do it in the video guide “How the Ajax system works during a power outage”:

  • How to set up backup power when the hub loses network;
  • What alternative control devices should be used when it is not possible to disable the system through the application;
  • How to disable constant notifications about loss of connection with the server;
  • How to choose an alternative power source to increase the battery life of the hub.

“No electronics were created with the expectation of multi-day power outages, especially due to war. However, since the goal of our product is to protect assets, we have focused on system independence from the very beginning. In blackout conditions, we have already learned how to plan our lives. But security is not easy to plan. We hope that the tips presented in the video will be useful for Ukrainians, owners of Ajax systems,” says Bohdan Savchenko, Head of Technical pre-sale at Ajax Systems.

However, if your Ajax system is connected to a monitoring panel, it is best to contact the professionals of your security company to set up backup power and communication.