Creating a truly affordable and mass-produced car or electric car is quite a difficult task. After all, it is necessary to combine decent characteristics, general versatility, moderate cost. One example of such a combination is the BYD Dolphin electric car, which has just undergone a minor update.

The compact body (whether it is a hatchback or a minivan) is distinguished by a fairly balanced design, and the update of the BYD Dolphin presented modified wheels, an expanded palette of body colors, and a new rear bumper.

From now on, a more comfortable rear sofa with an armrest appeared in the cabin, and any configuration now includes a 13-inch touch screen.

In addition, the BYD Dolphin electric car received new settings of the electric motor with a capacity of 70 kW (95 hp), thanks to which the updated model is able to cover up to 420 km on one full charge of the battery. By the way, the design of the BYD Dolphin involves the use of a battery with a capacity of almost 45 kWh and an electrical architecture with a voltage of 800 volts.

In addition, the BYD Dolphin electric vehicle can offer a choice of versions based on the electric motor: in addition to the basic 70-kilowatt modification, a more powerful one is also provided – 130 kW or 177 hp.

Finally, the main thing for BYD Dolphin. Of course, this is the cost of an electric car. And it ranges from $17,000 to less than $20,000 for the top BYD Dolphin versions. Well, does it look like a real “people’s electric car”?