Rumors about an updated and more productive version of Nintendo’s portable console – Switch Pro, appeared a long time ago, back in early 2020. And there were a lot of rumors: for example, it was believed that it would use a custom processor based on the NVIDIA Volta architecture, the screen would have a 4K resolution, there would be support for NVIDIA DLSS technology and “enhanced portable mode”, the docking station would get an Ethernet port and USB 3.0 ports, etc.

But it seems very likely that all this will remain a rumor: in the last episode of the Digital Foundry podcast, the host revealed that Nintendo was indeed working on a Switch Pro, but ultimately canceled the project. According to him, the company instead decided to focus on a full-fledged “successor” of the Switch, which can be expected in 2024.

It also has its own rumors: NVIDIA Tegra T239 chipset with 8-core CPU, NVIDIA DLSS, support for ray tracing. Most likely, this is where Call of Duty will appear, as recently promised by Xbox head Phil Spencer.