Chinese studio Lilith Games and Ukrainian film company POSTMODERN (part of FILM.UA Group) presented a 16-minute film based on a Warpath mobile strategy. Ukrainian actors played in the film, and quite a large part of it was shot in Lviv.

Lviv, which represents a French town during the Second World War, can be easily recognized by the scenes filmed on Rynok Square, Stavropihiiska Street, the Church of the Holy Eucharist on Muzeina Square and other sights of the city.

Several Ukrainian companies – POSTMODERN, Starwagen, PATRIOT Rental – took part in the work on the film, which is quite a large order, and one could be glad that during the war in Ukraine they are creating cool things, if only for one big “but”… Among other things, several Russian studios worked on the film – ALGOUS studio from St. Petersburg and Frame Bakery VFX from Moscow. What to think of the fact of such cooperation, everyone can decide for themselves.