The Witcher: Blood Origin miniseries was recently released on Netflix. This is a kind of spinoff and prequel to the The Witcher series, consisting of four episodes, which takes place 1200 years before the adventures of the witcher Geralt. Potentially, The Witcher: Blood Origin could have been a very interesting addition to the TV universe of The Witcher… but something went wrong.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is that rare case when both critics and ordinary viewers were unanimous in their assessment: it would be better not to have it. The Witcher: Blood Origin currently has a rating of 4/10 on IMDb, and that’s already bad enough, but on Metacritic it’s even worse: combined critic rating is 47%, viewers’rating is… 0.7/10. And finally, on Rotten Tomatoes the situation is similar to Metacritic: 33% from critics and 10 % of viewers.

Netflix has yet to say whether it plans to make a second season, but given the response to the first, it’s unlikely we’ll see a sequel to The Witcher: Blood Origin. It seems that it is for the better.