The first prototype of Turkey’s TAI Hürjet jet trainer / light combat attack aircraft has made its way to video for the first time. The vehicle was driven through the territory of the plant for further tests.

TAI Hürjet is a project of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) to develop its own training aircraft, which will be used to train pilots for fifth-generation fighters. Whether for the F-35, which Turkey hopes to get for its first aircraft carrier TCG Anadolu, or for TAI TF-X / MMU, its own fifth-generation national fighter, which is created by the Turkish Aerospace Industries.

The TAI Hürjet is supposed to replace the outdated Northrop T-38 Talon, which the Turkish Air Force currently uses as training aircraft, and the outdated Northrop F-5 as aircraft for aerobatic groups. And of course, like all aircraft of this class, the TAI Hürjet will have a combat version – a light combat aircraft.

It is expected that the prototype, which was recently rolled out of the hangar, will make its first flight in March 2023.

TAI Hürjet

General specificatons of TAI Hürjet
Crew – 2
Length – 13.6 m
Wingspan – 9.5 m
Height – 5.1 m
Wing area – 35 m2
Powerplant – 1 × F404-GE-102 afterburning turbofan, 79 kN (17,700 lbf) thrust.
Maximum speed – Mach 1.4
Range – 2,222 km
Service ceiling – 13,716 m
Rate of climb – 200 m/s
Payload – 2721 kg
g limits – +8/-3 g