A couple of days ago, Epic Games began to close online services for a large number of its old games, in particular for several parts of Rock Band and Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004. But at the same time, as it turned out, it began preparing for the release of an updated version of UT3 – a page appeared in Steam game Unreal Tournament 3 X.

The game will include the single-player campaign from Unreal Tournament 3 Black, as well as all the multiplayer modes, including Betrayal and Greed, that were introduced in the Titan Pack expansion that was released in the spring of 2009.

As the game description assures us, Unreal Tournament 3 X will be completely free, with no microtransactions and such. The game will also be available on the Epic Games Store and GOG, with cross-play support between all three stores. What the publisher plans to earn in this case is still unclear.

Currently, the release date is unknown, and Epic Games itself refuses to comment on the appearance of the game page – but does not say that it is some kind of mistake.