Microsoft will raise the prices of its own games for the Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft is joining the company of publishers who decided to raise the price of games from $60 to $70: starting next year, that price tag ($69.99, to be exact) will be set for the company’s games, including Forza Motorsport, Redfall and Starfield.

Company representative noted that regional prices in each specific case may be lower, and that no one is going to abandon the practice of appearing in GamePass on the day of release of games developed by Microsoft’s internal studios.

Such a decision did not come as a big surprise: recently, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer has already warned that the company will not be able to maintain the old prices for long and will be forced to resort to their increase – but will not do it this Christmas period, but will wait until 2023.

As for the prices of the Xbox Series X|S console itself, there is no talk about them yet. We will remind, Sony has increased the prices of PlayStation 5 back in August, and then Phil Spencer said that Microsoft would not take such a step. But in November, he “transparently hinted” at such a possibility with a statement that the company loses up to $200 on every Xbox console sold.