Clothes always correspond to the realities in which we live. If it’s winter outside the window, and the Russians are bombing the infrastructure of your country, then of course you need everything to be warm and at least have some light. Therefore, the number of searches for retroreflective sheeting and down jackets increased in November, and the demand for reflective vests increased 20 times compared to last year, notifies OLX based on its own data.

Reflective clothing

In order not to create obstacles for drivers, and especially now, in the conditions of constant blackouts of street lights and traffic lights, devices are needed. According to OLX data, Ukrainians searched for reflective vests, cat’s eye reflectors and retroreflective sheeting the most at the beginning of November 2022. At the same time, compared to the same period last year, reflective stickers searches increased 245 times.

Product Number of searches, November 2021 Number of searches, November 2022 Increment, number of times
reflective vest 169 5066 20,12
cat’s eye reflector 353 342 0.82
retroreflective sheeting 23 7140 245.09

As for ads, the number of offers both in November 2021 and in November this year is almost the same, with an average of 150-200 ads for reflective clothing, depending on the type of product.

But the number of responses to the ad has increased significantly compared to last year. Thus, at the beginning of November, Ukrainians responded most to the announcement of the sale of reflective stickers (more than 7.5 thousand times) and reflective vests (almost 2 thousand times).

As for prices, the situation here has not changed over the year, on average reflective backpack cost UAH 300, reflective vests — UAH 130, cat’s eye reflectors — UAH 80, reflective sticker — UAH 50.

Seasonal warm clothes

OLX statistics showed that Ukrainians are actively warming up. So, at the beginning of November 2022, the most searched were:

  • down jackets (448,725 times);
  • caps (403,531 times);
  • winter jackets (191,041 times);
  • sweaters (162,538 times);
  • winter shoes (147,398 times);
  • thermals (128,903 times);
  • winter boots (65,609 times).

As for the offer for warm clothes, there is enough of it on the market, but it is worth noting that the number of ads has slightly decreased over the year. For example, at the beginning of November this year, 4 thousand fewer ads were offered for warm sweaters than last year, 3 thousand fewer hats, and 2 thousand fewer down jackets.

The situation with prices also changed somewhat during the year. An increase in prices is observed for all positions. At the beginning of November this year, a down jacket could be purchased for an average of UAH 1,000, which is UAH 250 more expensive than last year. But a winter jacket costs UAH 600 on average. Winter boots have risen in price by UAH 100 compared to 2021, and thermal underwear by an average of UAH 200.


Average price UAH, November


Average price UAH, November


down jacket 750 1000
cap 150 174
winter jacket 500 600
sweater 150 200
winter shoes 450 550
thermals 470 699
winter boots 400 500
scarf 150 180
New Year sweater 150 180
warm socks 50 70