The Avengers 1980 directed by Wes Anderson – Midjourney V4 image generator version

What if the superhero movie The Avengers was directed in 1980 by the American director Wes Anderson, known for his films The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch? The answer to this question can now be given by artificial intelligence, which generates images based on text clues. Twitter user and AI art enthusiast digiguru posted drawings created by the Midjourney alpha V4, so now we can imagine what Wes Anderson’s Avengers could be like:

The result turned out to be really interesting, proving once again how far AI-based image generators can go. Especially considering the speed with which they began to develop.

We remind you that Midjourney V4 model alpha test started just a few weeks ago. It has improved its understanding of hints, scene composition, object proportion and detailing. If you yourself are interested in trying the image generator with artificial intelligence, then here you can read how to start drawing with Midjourney.