Ukroboronprom announced the start of tests of a drone with a range of 1,000 km under the effect of EW, at the same time, an explosion happened at the Russian airbase in Engels

Ukroboronprom concern announced a new stage of UAV tests, which will be able to hit targets at a distance of 1000 km and has a warhead weighing 75 kg. There is no other data about the new UAV yet, except for the photo of the fairing. However, Ukroboronprom announced today the successful completion of a series of tests and the start of testing the drone under the influence of electronic warfare.

“Today, a number of stages of successful trials are behind us. In order to fulfill the instructions of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we are moving to the stage of tests under the effect of electronic warfare,” said Nataliia Sad, spokeswoman of the state concern.

“After we successfully test the drone under the influence of EW, we hope to be able to test it in combat use. We promised to do itby the end of this year, we are trying to fulfill this promise,” she said.

Simultaneously with the statement of Ukroboronprom, today there were video reports about the explosion at the Russian air base Engels-1 in the Saratov region, which allegedly damaged two strategic bombers.

This air base is actively used by the Russians to carry out terrorist attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, but it is located at a distance of more than 700 km from the Kharkiv region, and therefore far beyond the limits of the means of defeating the enemy available in the Armed Forces.

In connection with striking the Engels-1 air base, the OSINT community suspects that the Ukroboronprom drone tests may have gone even better than reported.

In addition, the UAV’s ability to strike at a distance of 1,000 km could significantly expand Ukraine’s ability to destroy targets deep in the Russian rear, from the border with Finland to Dagestan.

Well, let’s hope that the next tests of Ukroboronprom will go even better.