Ukrainian indie developer Andrii Bychkovskyi presented a new trailer for his turn-based fantasy strategy Farlanders and announced the release date of the game. Exploration of Mars will begin on January 17, 2023.

Farlanders is a turn-based strategy game about the colonization of Mars, in which the player must build a base on the Red Planet, conduct terraforming and scientific research, discover new technologies and more. The highlight of the game is the puzzle mechanic, which is tied to the construction of new districts.

The game will have a full campaign, free-play mode, underground levels, alien artifacts, and much more. Of course, the Ukrainian version is available.

You can evaluate the game for yourself by downloading the demo version from the Steam page of Farlanders. So add Farlanders to your wishlist and let’s wait together for the release. Space strategies about Mars are always cool.

Farlanders is one of 60 Ukrainian indie games competing in Indie Cup Ukraine’22.