Ordering goods from other countries has been working for a long time and is now often the only option for purchasing certain important goods. From now on, Nova Poshta Global has started working in the Czech Republic.

This is the ninth country in which you can use NP Shopping services. In addition, the service works in the USA, Italy, Turkey, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, France and Spain.

In order to use the service, you need:

  1. Register in NP Shopping and get a shopping address that you can use for future purchases;
  2. Choose an online store and order the product online at the address of the service;
  3. After ordering, register the tracking number received in the online store in your personal NP Shopping account;
  4. Choose any Nova Poshta branch, parcel locker or address delivery by courier.

The cost of delivery will depend on the weight of the product: 

  • 0.5 kg for $5 (183 UAH);
  • 1 kg — $8.50 (311 UAH);
  • 1.5 kg — $10 (366 UAH);
  • 2 kg – $13.50 (494 UAH).

Also, on the eve of the New Year holidays, the company reduced the cost of delivery from online stores in Spain and Italy by 25%. You can use the special tariff until January 31, 2023.