British traveler, TV presenter, and writer Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls, better known for the series of programs “Survive at any cost”, was spotted in Ukraine. This was reported by EuroWeeklyNews.

Photos and videos of Bear Grylls and his film crew in Ukraine have appeared online.

As they joke on Ukrainian Twitter, Bear Grylls came to Ukraine to learn how to survive from Ukrainians.

In fact, Ukraine seems to have become a must-travel destination for politicians, actors and famous people from all over the world. Earlier this week, Ukraine was visited by American astronaut Scott Joseph Kelly and the prime ministers of all Baltic countries at the same time. And almost simultaneously with Bear Grylls, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, spiritual head of the church in Great Britain.

We don’t mind, because while famous people draw attention to Ukraine, as did, for example, Banksy, the people and power cannot stop or limit aid to Ukraine.