Blogger Nataliia Misiuk and IT activist and musician Oleg Novosad created an application for learning Ukrainian language. Nataliia’s project Let’s Have Text was born when she moved to Lviv from Crimea and did not understand many words of the local dialect. Now the project has also received a mobile application.

In the application, you need to play games and learn new words of the Ukrainian language. It is suitable both for those who do not know Ukrainian at all, and for those who speak it well.

“We — a Crimean and Lviv resident and an IT architect — developed the application in such a way that it would please both those who are just discovering Ukrainian and those who are fluent in it. Everyone will find something attractive for themselves,” say the authors of the application.

The Let’s Have Text app is free and available for Android and iOS. In the last few days, the application was on the first place among educational applications on the Ukrainian App Store.

Let's Have Text. A mobile application for learning the Ukrainian language has appeared