As we already wrote, modern British Brimstone 2 missiles were spotted recently in Ukraine, and the Ministry of Defence of Great Britain confirmed it, posting a video of the shipment of such missiles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“As part of its aid package, the UK has provided Brimstone 2 missiles, a precision-guided missile, to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This aid has played a crucial role in stopping Russian advances,” says the post of the Ministry of Defence of Great Britain on Twitter.

As a reminder, the British missiles Brimstone are a modified and improved version of the American AGM-114 Hellfire, that is, an air-to-surface weapon for use from airplanes and helicopters. But the Ukrainian defenders, thanks to the help of their British partners, have learned to use these missiles from ground platforms, which was the first successful use of Brimstone in this way.

Great Britain has confirmed the supply of Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine

Brimstone 2 (SPEAR 2) is an updated 2010-16 first version of the missile, which received an updated GAS and engine, a new modular design, improvements to the airframe and software for “an overall increase in performance with improved range and strike area”, including ” more than a 200% increase” in maximum range. That is, such missiles can hit targets at a range of 60 km when used from airplanes and helicopters. From ground platforms, the combat range should be about 12 km. The same against enemy tanks, given that testing showed almost 100% probability of hitting the target with Brimstone 2 missiles.

Great Britain has confirmed the supply of Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine

Technical specifications of Brimstone 2
Mass – 50 kg
Length – 1.8 m
Diameter – 180 mm
Warhead – 6.3 kg tandem cumulative
Engine – solid fuel
Range – 12-20 km (Brimstone I), 40-60 km (Brimstone II)
Speed ​​- 450 m/s (Mach 1.3)
Guidance – 94-GHz active homing radar, inertial autopilot, laser guidance
Cost – £105,000 per unit