Energoatom announces that as a result of a massive missile attack by Russian terrorists, all units of nuclear power plants in Ukraine have been shut down and do not generate electricity in the power system.

“Today, November 23, 2022, due to a decrease in frequency in the energy system of Ukraine, emergency protection was activated at the Rivne, Pivdennoukrainsk and Khmelnytskyi NPPs, as a result of which all power units were automatically disconnected. Currently, they work in project mode, without generation into the power system.

The radiation background at the NPP sites and adjacent territories has not changed, all indicators are normal.

As soon as the operation of the power system is normalized, the supply of electricity from the NPP will be resumed.

Also, due to a decrease in frequency, the power supply of Zaporizhzhia NPP’s own needs from the power system was stopped. The station went into full blackout mode. All diesel generators are in operation. The radiation background at the ZNPP site remains normal.”