The Korean studio NCSoft, authors of the MMORPG series Lineage, Guild Wars and Aion, announced a new project, which is still called Project LLL, and showed an impressive gameplay trailer of the game.

It is a third-person shooter in a large open, procedurally generated world with combat robots, elements of alternate history and post-apocalyptic.

The 9-minute trailer shows quite a large piece of gameplay and so far it looks like a mix of Destiny, Tom Clancy’s The Division and something like Tabula Rasa by Lord British, which, by the way, was published by the same NCSoft. Apparently, the game will have both PvE and PvP elements. And in general, all this is very similar to another fantastic looter-shooter. But handsome, you can’t argue with that.

The previous Project LLL is due out on PC sometime in 2024. Given that it’s an MMO, it’s probably in beta at first. Well, bookmarking it, NCSoft is always interesting.