Is there a place for hybrids in today’s world, where trends are set by electric cars and hydrogen cars? The Toyota company believes that it’s true and presents the Prius hybrid of the fifth generation. The number “five” in this example is significant. After all, in general, more than five million Toyota Prius hybrid cars have been sold around the world, and the model itself has been produced for twenty-five years: that is, “five to five”. So what did you come with, birthday car?

First of all, with design. The successful aerodynamic silhouette and format of the 5-door body was found even in the second generation of the model. However, only now the Toyota Prius hybrid was allowed to be not only practical, but also attractive: look at the front part with “claws” headlights, bold lines-stamps of the doors, dark color of the trunk lid with integrated lights. In general, the silhouette resembles a “drop in reverse”: with a very dynamic slope of the windshield and a short “tail” of the trunk.

This design relies on changed dimensions. After all, the “fifth” Toyota Prius hybrid has become larger than its predecessor – the total length has reached 4.6 meters (+25 mm), the wheelbase has increased to 2.75 m (+50 mm), but the height of the body has decreased a little. From now on, Toyota Prius can even offer 19-inch wheels – depending on the version. But what does not depend on the version is the use of the updated TNGA platform as a basis. This platform involves the installation of a front MacPherson independent suspension and a rear two-lever suspension, compared to its predecessor, it was possible to lower the center of gravity and increase body rigidity.

Are there hints of a “drive” character? After all, the new Toyota Prius hybrid has become more powerful! The basic version involves the use of a 1.8-liter engine and an electric motor – in general, this pair offers 140 hp. (versus 122 in the predecessor). Plus, an alternative with a 2-liter engine paired with an electric motor was added: in this case, the power already reaches 193 “horses”. Such a hybrid is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. But the third option is even more dynamic – called the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: a 2-liter gasoline engine plus an electric motor, with a total power of 223 hp. and acceleration to a hundred in 6.7 seconds, a battery with a capacity of 16.3 kWh.

The interior of the new Toyota Prius also offers many interesting changes. For example, the instrument panel with a 7-inch display is installed above the steering wheel – this is reminiscent of the Peugeot concept. A large touch display is located in the center of the front panel, and below it is the climate control. The developers themselves call this organization of space Island Architecture: they say, “each control area is like a separate island in the interior.”

And in the interior there is a hidden outlet for powering household appliances with a power of up to 1500 W. Among other interesting equipment are solar panels on the roof, Toyota Safety Sense complex, automatic parking system, background colored lighting. By the way, pay attention to the transfer of the transmission control joystick (electromechanical variator) to the usual place between the front seats.

Sales of the new Toyota Prius hybrid will start at the end of this year or at the beginning of the next, depending on the country. But the PHEV version (by the way, only PHEVs are promised to be sold in Europe) will have to wait until the spring of 2023. But such a pretty car is worth the wait! Or not?