The desktop version of the Google Chrome browser should receive a system of dynamic themes that will be based on the current background image of the new page. Similar functionality has long been available in mobile Chrome on Android thanks to Material You’s “material design” — and now it’s getting ready to appear in the browser on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

This was reported by a Reddit user who found the corresponding option in the experimental version of Chrome Canary. It is disabled by default, you can activate it on the page chrome://flags (Customize Chrome Color Extraction).

Desktop Chrome will get dynamic themes

After that, the browser will automatically match its own color scheme to the main color of the background image that is set for the new page (New Tab). It is worth noting that this applies only to images from the collections provided by Google itself – if the user sets their own picture as the background, Chrome will remain on the old color scheme.

When the new functionality will be transferred to the stable version of the browser is not yet known, but considering that it has just appeared in the experimental version, we can assume that it will happen not very soon – most likely in the 110th version, the release of which is scheduled for February 2023.