As has been proven more than once, the battery capacity does not always play a decisive role in the duration of the operation of smartphones (and not only them). For example, comparing the specifications of various flagships, you can see that the battery capacity of the iPhone is often smaller than that of its nearest rivals. But its endurance can still create problems for other manufacturers.

YouTube channel PhoneBuff makes such comparisons. This time, iPhone 14 Pro Max and Google Pixel 7 Pro were side by side. On paper, it is 4,323 mAh against 5,000, respectively, even with the same display diagonals — 6.7 inches.

But different processors (4nm A16 Bionic vs 5nm Tensor G2), display specifications and other factors still made a noticeable difference in favor of Apple’s smartphone.

The test consisted of the same tasks for both devices, including phone calls, messaging, email and social networking, browsing, video streaming, gaming, and more. It looked like this:

As a result, Google Pixel 7 Pro lasted 25 hours 41 minutes in the test (of which 9 hours 41 minutes it was used and 16 hours were in standby mode). It turned off when the iPhone 14 Pro Max still had 21% charge left. The largest flagship from Apple was able to work for 27 hours and 44 minutes (with 11 hours and 44 minutes of active use and the same 16 hours of standby time).

As noted in the video, a 21% difference in battery life can translate into an extra 3.5 hours in Messenger or over 4 hours of Instagram feed.