Ukrposhta is preparing in advance for successful operations of the Armed Forces and has already announced a new release in honor of the liberation of Kherson – “Kherson is Ukraine!”

The main element of the stamp is a slice of watermelon, which depicts scenes that accompanied the temporary occupation of the city: peaceful rallies, burning buildings, torture. The seeds look like rockets with which the Russian invaders mercilessly bombard the Kherson region. The sheet shows a map with the marking of Kherson, a hero city liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The residents’ protests are illustrated on the feature envelope and postcard.

The new set includes a stamp sheet, a feature envelope and a postcard. The author is the artist Andrii Sagach.

The circulation of the stamp sheet is 150,000 copies. The nominal value is U. Ukrposhta will inform the date of introduction into circulation additionally. But the set can already be pre-ordered on the Ukrposhta website. The cost of the set is UAH 88.

P.S. It seems that the website of the Ukrposhta store could not withstand the influx of all those interested and is now down.