The official start of sales of GeForce RTX 4080 16 GB video cards is scheduled for November 16. However, a few days before the specified date, prices for some original models of adapters prepared by manufacturers of graphic adapters became known.

Original GeForce RTX 4080s might cost almost as much as GeForce RTX 4090s
Source: MicroCenter

On the website of the American retail chain MicroCenter, a list of 13 models for which the actual selling price is posted. We remind you that the recommended price of the GeForce RTX 4080 16 GB is $1199, but this is usually the initial value, so it is not surprising that the modified versions cost more. The actual price ranges from $1,199 to $1,549.

NVIDIA persistently asked partners that at the start of sales, their assortment had at least one model with a recommended price tag, but there could be no further restrictions.

Judging by the presented list presented on MicroCenter, the most expensive models from ASUS turned out to be ROG STRIX OC and TUF OC, the price of which is $300-350 higher than the basic one. Interestingly, the base TUF model without factory overclocking costs $1,199.

  • ASUS ROG STRIX OC: $1,549.99
  • ASUS TUF OC: $1,499.99
  • ZOTAC AMP AIRO: $1,399.99
  • MSI SUPRIM X: $1,399.99
  • MSI GAMING X TRIO: $1,324.99
  • MSI VENTUS 3X OC: $1,279.99
  • GIGABYTE GAMING OC: $1,269.99
  • GIGABYTE EAGLE OC: $1,239.99
  • PNY XLR8 VERTO: $1,199.99
  • ASUS TUF: $1,199.99
  • ZOTAC TRINITY: $1,199.99
  • GIGABYTE EAGLE: $1,199.99

Premium models like the MSI SUPRIM X, ZOTAC AMP AIRO, or Gigabyte AORUS Master will cost $150-$200 more than MSRP.

It remains to wait for the start of sales of GeForce RTX 4080 16 GB, and to check local prices in Ukraine. Experience with the appearance of the GeForce RTX 4090 (~$2200–3000) indicates that even for basic models, the actual prices will be much higher than the recommended ones.