Subaru presented its new car. This is a crossover with the name Rex – as short as the car itself: only 3.99 meters from “nose” to “tail”. However, Subaru Rex is positioned as an SUV, which is hinted at not only by the general features of the body and large 16- or 17-inch wheels but also by a good ground clearance of 185 mm.

However, the Subaru Rex is equipped only with a regular 1.2-liter engine (87 hp) paired with a variator and front-wheel drive. Although its “relatives” from Toyota and Daihatsu can offer a hybrid, all-wheel drive, mechanical transmission, and turbo engines.

But the other equipment did not disappoint: the Subaru Rex SUV has LED headlights, a system for controlling the speed of traffic, and the “blind zones” of the side mirrors. And in the interior, you can see climate control, a touch 9-inch display, a digital instrument panel (7-inch display), and contrasting red and silver decoration.

New affordable Subaru Rex SUV – with front-wheel drive and variator

Subaru Rex car sales will start soon. The estimated cost in Japan is $11,000-14,000 depending on the configuration. Would you buy such a mini SUV?