In addition to the ability to schedule posts on Instagram for up to 90 days, the web version of the has undergone a redesign to work better on large displays.

Previously, the menu could be found at the top of the browser, which hindered content viewing. Each option is now in a sidebar on the left side of the screen, and when you select a post, it enlarges for easier reading.

As in the mobile application, in the web version of Instagram, you can add photos and videos, which makes it easier for content creators who pre-process pictures on a computer. In addition, you can exchange messages and watch friends’ stories.

In general, the Instagram site can now be used as a full-fledged replacement for the mobile application, which will be convenient, including for iPad users who have not yet received a separate version of the program, and judging by the efforts that Meta is putting into the site, it should not be counted on yet.