Ringlorn Saga, an adventure role-playing game from the Ukrainian studio Graverobber Foundation, was released on Steam. The authors were inspired by classic Japanese RPGs, and here we mean classic-classic, that is, games of the late 1980s – early 1990s.

Actually, Ringlorn Saga is a love letter to the games that fascinated us in our childhood. Pixel 2D-graphics with a palette that imitates CGA-graphics; 8-bit music; control only with arrows or gamepad cross; there is even a CRT-filter that imitates the blurring of a cathode ray tube TV.

In the game, Prince Gerhard the Brave embarks on a journey to a neighboring country to investigate the appearance of a magical barrier surrounding it and the disappearance of his father. Ringlorn Saga is a small but adorable action/RPG “that won’t hold your hand and won’t waste your time”, as the developers themselves say. And it will 100% return you to childhood for a while.