US Department of Defense announced that Ukraine will receive 90 T-72B tanks restored in the Czech Republic from the Allies. The transfer will be financed by the USA and the Netherlands.

The tanks will be obtained from the Czech defense industry. The total amount of assistance is approximately $90 million. Half of the amount is provided by the USA, the other half by the Netherlands. Part of the restored T-72B tanks will arrive in Ukraine by the end of December 2022, others in 2023.

Ukraine will receive 90 T-72B tanks from the USA, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic

According to the information of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, the first delivery will include 26 tanks. “I am grateful for the joint decision of the Netherlands, the USA and the Czech Republic to purchase and transfer 90 T-72 tanks for the needs of the Armed Forces. Ukraine will receive the first 26 restored and modernized tanks within the next month. I thank the partners for showing unwavering solidarity with Ukraine.”

Small Czech Republic has already transferred various military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine many times since the beginning of the full-scale aggression: attack Mi-24 helicopters, T-72M tanks, 152-mm DANA self-propelled guns nd RM-70 MLRS. Thank you, Czech Republic!

Ukraine will receive 90 T-72B tanks from the USA, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic

T-72B is a modernization of the T-72A main battle tank with a complex of guided weapons. Modernization was carried out in 1984 and 1989. The T-72B can fire the Reflex-M guided missile, in addition, the turret armor was strengthened, dynamic protection was added, the stabilizer and fire control system were updated, and the engine power was increased.

According to The Military Balance, in 2021 there were 100 T-72AB/B1s in the Armed Forces. Now, thanks to the “Russian lend-lease”, there are many more such tanks. But 90 additional T-72Bs will be useful.

Thank you, the Czech Republic, the USA, and the Netherlands!