Carscoops tells almost a detective story. It turns out that the star of the 1990s – the powerful sports hatchback Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the production of which was supposed to end in 1996 – has extended its life for another couple of years. After all, at the factory where these models were produced, there were parts left for the assembly of two more units of cars. Which, in the end, were assembled. The car you see in the photos is the latest Ford Escort RS Cosworth. And now it is being auctioned in Great Britain.

Let’s recall what the Ford Escort RS Cosworth was in general. It was a hatchback with a gasoline 2-liter “turbo” with 224 hp. and 5-speed mechanical transmission and all-wheel drive. A feature of the car, in addition to power, was its advanced aerodynamics. But the Ford Escort RS Cosworth designers also did not forget about comfort: for example, the presented car has a leather interior, air conditioning, and a CD player. And the car itself seems to be in good condition.

And how much would you give for such a legend called Ford Escort RS Cosworth?