Tesla Roadster – the first Tesla car, produced in 2008-2012, at the beginning of sales cost from $98,950 (Tesla Roadster 1.5 Standard) to $128,500 (Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport). Over time, the value of used cars, as it usually happens, began to decrease. In 2018, such a roadster could be purchased for only $38,000. But recently, the price skyrocketed, the car, which was produced in the amount of only 2,450 copies, became a collector’s item.

According to Business Insider since May 2020, the average price of a first-generation Tesla Roadster has doubled from $69,000 to $127,000. In January 2022, one 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport was purchased for $190,000 in May 2022 Roadster, which was in the first 100 cars produced bought for $212,000.

The Tesla Roadster of the first generation (2008–2012) unexpectedly became a collectible car

The reason for the interest of collectors is the small number of cars and their historical value. Still, the Tesla Roadster turned the entire auto industry upside down and became Tesla’s first step to success. And, besides, this is the only car that left the Earth. Tesla Roadster, which belonged to Elon Musk himself, on February 6, 2018, became the “payload” of the first test load of the Falcon Heavy heavy launch vehicle. Musk hopes that Starship will someday be able to intercept the same roadster and return it to Earth to study solar erosion.

The Tesla Roadster of the first generation (2008–2012) unexpectedly became a collectible car

By the way, in 2023, the Tesla Roadster of the second generation should go on sale, which should further increase the cost of the first generation cars.

That is, if an old Tesla Roadster of the first generation is gathering dust in your garage, do not rush to get rid of it. It’s getting more expensive.