Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov told in an interview to Forbes that there may be places in Ukraine where communication will be ensured in any situation with the help of Tesla Powerwall and Starlink.

According to Fedorov, specialists are thinking about how to provide citizens with the most stable connection during power outages.

“Without light in some regions, both mobile towers and fixed Internet providers do not work. We understand the situation of each provider, how many generators and batteries they buy, how we can help,” the minister noted.

According to Fedorov, the Ministry of Digital Transformation wants to provide the country with places where communication will be stable in any situation. Such public communication points will work in Ukraine regardless of the operation of the power grid. For this, the use of Tesla Powerwall and Starlink is considered.

“I don’t know how many access points there will be. Now we are making several test spots, we will look at their work and scale. Part of the batch of 1,570 terminals will be used for this. They are still on the way,” noted the head of the Ministry of Digital Transforomation.

Part of the terminals is planned to be used to create public Wi-Fi hotspots, part of it will be used for railways, part of it will be used for social infrastructure facilities and for the needs of the military.

According to the latest data, 25,300 Starlink satellite communication terminals have already been sent to Ukraine.