Officers of the Center for Innovation and Development of Defense Technologies of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov presented at a closed NATO event the Ukrainian situational awareness program Delta, which provides the military with various data about the enemy and coordination of forces on the battlefield.

The presentation took place during the NATO event TIDE Sprint, which is held twice a year in the USA and Europe and is currently held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Tide Sprint is one of NATO’s key platforms, where experts, scientists and developers from more than 30 countries of the world exchange experience and opportunities for adapting the Alliance to technological changes.

Ukrainian specialists were invited to share their experience of using digital solutions, robots and modern IT developments to gain an advantage on the battlefield during the war with Russia, in particular, about the situational awareness program, analogues of which are only being created in the member states of the Alliance.

The unique Ukrainian situational awareness system Delta was presented at the annual NATO event

It is about a unique Ukrainian development – the Delta system. This software product is being developed at the Defense Technology Innovation and Development Center of the Ministry of Defense with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and foreign allies.

Delta is a system for collecting, processing and displaying information about enemy forces, coordinating defense forces, and providing situational awareness according to NATO standards, developed by the Center for Innovation and Development of Defense Technologies of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, founded in 2021 at the base of the A2724 military unit, which, in turn, was created in 2015 from the volunteer group Aerorozvidka.

Delta is used for planning operations and combat missions, coordination with other units, secure exchange of information on the location of enemy forces, etc. In particular, Delta has integrated chatbots developed by the Ministry of Digital Affairs – “eVorog” and the Security Service of Ukraine – “STOP Russian War”.

The system is equipped with modern means of monitoring suspicious activity. From 2021, allied cyber units are constantly scanning the system for vulnerabilities, intrusion attempts, data leaks, and more.

According to the developers, Delta provides a comprehensive understanding of the battle space in real time, integrates information about the enemy from various sensors and sources, including – intelligence, on a digital map, does not require additional settings, and can work on any device – laptop, tablet or even on a mobile phone. Roughly speaking, Delta is such a modern real-time command map and troop control center.

The unique Ukrainian situational awareness system Delta was presented at the annual NATO event

“Since 2017, we have participated in Tide Hackathon, Tide Sprint, and CWIX – the best incubators for innovation and technology that we are now trying to implement as part of our national Delta system that helps us win this war against Russia, ” said one of the developers of the program, Major Artem Martynenko.

This year alone, Delta had more than 30 releases of new functions so that the program could meet the conditions of network-centric warfare as much as possible and the needs of the military in obtaining up-to-date and verified data about the enemy, Artem explained the development process.

Delta is a cloud solution and is already implementing NATO standards and the latest industry trends, such as cloud native environment, zero trust security, multi domain operations, said another Delta developer Major Serhii Halchynski. He noted that other Tide Sprint participants talked about architectural approaches and state-of-the-art solutions already in use at Delta or in the final stages of implementation.

The unique Ukrainian situational awareness system Delta was presented at the annual NATO event

The Delta platform and services are built according to NATO standards, so the system is compatible with similar solutions used by the armies of the member countries of the Alliance. That is why NATO Tide Sprint participants showed increased interest in the Ukrainian delegation.

“Delta is a great example of how Ukraine and NATO can cooperate, develop together and get mutual benefits. Ukraine seeks a state and an integral part of the organization. Our army is already implementing the latest NATO standards. But more importantly, we are in the process of testing and implementing new standards for NATO. Ukraine is the best training ground because we have the opportunity to test all hypotheses in battle and introduce revolutionary changes in military technology and modern warfare. And I believe that in partnership with NATO countries, especially in terms of the development of technological capabilities, we will quickly achieve a well-deserved victory,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, in his speech at Tide Sprint.

According to Fedorov, the main advantage in modern war is now complete information awareness on the battlefield, understanding of where the enemy is, its numbers, combat capability, etc. This is the so-called network-centric approach. And Ukraine is one of the world leaders in this thanks to the smart solutions and creativity of Ukrainian developers.