As you know, recently two versions of the Microsoft OneNote note-taking program have been available on Windows: the traditional desktop and UWP version of OneNote for Windows 10 (Universal Windows Platform App, in the past “Windows Store app” or ” Metro-style app”). Naturally, this caused unnecessary inconvenience to users, so the developer has spent the last year working on keeping a single version of OneNote.

And finally “the time has come”: Microsoft published a post on the official blog where, among other things, it announced the refusal of further distribution of OneNote for Windows 10. This version will continue to work, but will no longer receive new features and can no longer be installed from the official store – from now on, there is only one OneNote editor in the Microsoft Store. The company also announced that support for the UWP version of OneNote will end after three years, in October 2025.

All this time, Microsoft has been working on adding new functionality to regular OneNote. It has added handwriting and voice input support in recent months, and the interface became “cleaner” and easier to use.