The manufacturer of “large power banks” EcoFlow presented the updated RIVER 2 line, which consists of three portable charging stations. This is a very relevant thing for the current electricity situation.

In addition to the new types of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (LiFePO4, LFP), which should provide more than 3000 cycles with 80% capacity retention, they also have some good features up their sleeve.

EcoFlow introduced the RIVER 2 line of portable charging stations

Like most EcoFlow charging stations, the RIVER 2 uses X-Boost technology, which allows the output voltage to be reduced to allow some devices up to 1600W to be powered by the inverter. But it is noted that this does not work with every powerful device.

To monitor the input and output voltage, you can use the proprietary application for iOS and Android. Communication with the device can be established via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

But let’s move on to more important characteristics. The RIVER 2 line has three devices:

  • RIVER 2 — 256 W•h, 300 W, outlet, DC port, two USB-A and one USB-C, 24.5×21.4×14.2 cm, 3.5 kg;
  • RIVER 2 Max — 512 W•h, 500 W, two outlets, DC port, three USB-A and one USB-C, 27×26×19.6 cm, 6 kg;
  • RIVER 2 Pro — 768 W•h, 800 W, three outlets, DC port, three USB-A and one USB-C, 27×26×22.6 cm, 7.8 kg.

It is worth noting separately the support for fast charging of the device itself. The fastest option will fully charge the RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max models in just 60 minutes, while the “older” RIVER 2 Pro will take 70 minutes. It is also possible to recharge from a car, solar panels and even via USB-C, but each of these options will take much longer.

EcoFlow introduced the RIVER 2 line of portable charging stations

Of course, this is not cheap. Approximate prices in Ukraine for RIVER 2 are UAH 16,999, RIVER 2 Max — UAH 32,999, and RIVER 2 Pro — UAH 43,999. The start of sales in the US and European markets is scheduled for November this year.