Ukrainian PvP/PvE shooter Shatterline receives new extensions, new modes, maps for PvP and so on weekly, but the most interesting, in our opinion, are story co-op missions.

Currently, Shatterline has an open-world co-op mode, Expeditions, and already had one of the co-op story missions, Red Lake. From October 17 to 21, another cooperative mission – Hecatomb – will be available in the game. Do not miss.

Moreover, an additional PvP map Terminal appeared in the game recently, and another PvP map – Island – is being activated today.

As a reminder, Shatterline is a free game that is currently on Steam Early Access. The full release of the game, including on consoles, is scheduled for February 2023.

P.S. The game is really cool, and it’s without russians, join!