Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation together with civil activist Serhiy Sternenko announced fundraising to buy Ukrainian kamikaze drones RAM II UAV for the Armed Forces.

Fundraising was planned to begin on October 12, 2022, but massive missile attack on Ukrainian cities made some corrections. So if you’re wondering where to direct your rage, the fundraising link is on Serhiy Prytula’s page or on Serhiy Sternenko’s page.

RAM II UAV are Ukrainian barrage munitions (kamikaze drones), which by configuration and specifications are very similar to Polish Warmate UAVs. Flight range – 60 km; time in the air – 40 minutes. Cruising speed – 70 km/hour. Warhead – 3 kg (thermobaric, cumulative or fragmentation). Accuracy – 1 m. It is launched from a catapult, which can be prepared for launch in 10 minutes.

RAM II UAV is based on the design of the best Ukrainian UAV Leleka-100 from the company DEVIRO.


Length – 1.45 m
Wingspan –2,584 m
Height – 0.349 m
Take-off weight – 9.8 kg
Payload weight – 3 kg
Warhead – thermobaric, cumulative or fragmentation
Maximum flight time – 40 minutes
Maximum flight range – 60 km
Radio range – 30 km
Cruising speed – 70 km/h
Maximum flight altitude – 1000 m
Operating temperature range – -20°С — +40°С
Take-off – catapult
Landing – on the fuselage
Engine – electric