There is such a concept as “up-market”: moving up the market through innovation, quality of materials, unusual design, etc. Of course, manufacturers do this not for nothing, but to increase their own profit per product unit. An example of this can be premium cars against the background of ordinary cars of this class. Sometimes – even from a joint concern or group.

A similar story happened with the DS Automobiles brand, which originally appeared as part of Citroen. But later, their own cars were built, which have nothing to do with Citroen models and are positioned much higher on the market (read – more expensive). One example is the DS 9: a business-class sedan that attracts attention with its design and high-quality interior trim. Of course, the manufacturer appreciated their work – the same DS 9 costs a lot in Europe. But there was an option “add more” and this option is called DS 9 Opera Premiere.

The DS 9 Opera Premiere car is a limited edition of the DS 9 model, created according to the principle of the maximum. Yes, the equipment of the DS 9 Opera Premiere car can be described with the words “all inclusive”: adaptive suspension, night vision, seats with massage, active headlights, large displays in the cabin, etc. The technical part is also of the highest level: the DS 9 Opera Premiere sedan is available only in the form of PHEV hybrids. The E-TENSE 250 version can offer 250 hp. and front-wheel drive, and the E-TENSE 4×4 360 version already offers 360 “horses” and four-wheel drive. Finally, the DS 9 Opera Premiere special edition features its own Whisper Dark Purple color and Pearl Gray Nappa leather in the interior.

Of course, a car of such a high level and status cannot be cheap. So, in Europe, the DS 9 Opera Premiere E-TENSE 250 is priced at €76,800, while the DS 9 Opera Premiere E-TENSE 4X4 360 is priced at €86,650. And what do you think – is it worth such money?