The number of high-precision artillery in the Armed Forces is increasing! Pentagon announced the composition of the emergency military aid package for Ukraine in the amount of $625 million.

The package, which became a kind of US response to Russia’s attempted illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories, included:

  • 4 highly mobile M142 HIMARS anti-aircraft guns;
  • 16 155-mm M777 howitzers;
  • 16 105-mm howitzers (probably M119);
  • 200 MaxxPro armored vehicles with enhanced anti-mine protection;
  • 75,000 155-mm caliber shells;
  • 500 M982 Excalibur precision artillery shells;
  • 1,000 RAAM shells, to create anti-tank minefields;
  • 30,000 120-mm mortar shells;
  • 200,000 cartridges for small arms;
  • Claymore mines;
  • other equipment.


“These are capabilities that the Ukrainians have received previously, and have requested additional capabilities,” said Laura Cooper, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Affairs at a briefing at the Pentagon. “And it also responds to, in terms of … the volume of ammunition that they need on the battlefield today. We’re looking very closely at their consumption rates for ammunition to make sure that they have what they need for the counter-offensive.”

Unfortunately, there is no ATACMS again, although according to CNN Ukraine asked the US to provide these long-range missiles with the conditions to agree on the targets that will be hit by them.