The Tata Tiago.ev debuts on the Indian market. It is an electric version of the Tata Tiago model: a compact hatchback measuring about 3.8 m in length and having a 2.4-meter wheelbase. It is usually offered with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine and mechanical or automatic transmission. But from now on, it is also offered in the form of the Tata Tiago.ev electric car, which is described below.

So, the main feature of the Tata Tiago.ev is that it is the most affordable and “popular” electric car: its price is $10-15 thousand, depending on the version. Moreover, this range includes not only various versions by equipment level, but also various versions by battery size – basic 19.2 kWh. (range up to 255 km) or increased to 24 kWh. (range 315 km). But there is only one electric motor: the power of 55 kW or 75 “horses” and 114 Nm of torque. Of course, the drive is only on the front wheels.

In the interior, the Tata Tiago.ev electric car is distinguished by its blue decor: inserts on the central console and instrument panel, stitching on the seats, etc. It is also worth noting the digital instruments, the round “puck”, the color display. The Tata Tiago.ev electric car is affordable, but this does not mean that it is primitive.

Currently, the Tata Tiago.ev hatchback is a local model only for the Indian market. However, experience suggests that in the rest of the world there will be many customers willing to purchase such an inexpensive electric car. Would you buy it?