Intel has finally decided on the price of graphics adapters of the Intel ARC A750 line. Models of this series, like the top versions of the ARC A770, will be available on October 12th at a recommended price of $289.

Intel ARC A770 price

Also, Intel clarified the situation with the older ARC A770s. These models will be offered in versions with 8 GB and 16 GB of memory. As expected, the previously announced cost starts at $329 for the 8 GB version, while the 16 GB models will start at $349. Just $20 for double the amount of memory looks like a very attractive proposition. In addition, the Intel ARC A770 16 GB will have an increased local RAM bandwidth of 560 GB/s instead of 512 GB in the 8GB versions.

Intel ARC A750 video cards will cost from $289

Intel noted a noticeable increase in the cost of mid-range video cards, as well as the difference between recommended and actual prices. Well, how can we not mention the mining fever. It’s time to clean things up, and Intel promises to significantly improve the performance-per-dollar ratio in this class of graphics adapters.

Intel ARC A750 video cards will cost from $289

The developers assure that the Intel ARC A770 and A750 are able to improve this parameter by 42% and 53%, respectively, compared to the GeForce RTX 3060. Although such a calculation still looks somewhat exaggerated, even if you focus exclusively on information from Intel.

Intel ARC A750 performance

Judging by the charts with the results of Intel’s internal tests, the ARC A750 model is on average slightly faster than the GeForce RTX 3060 in games, especially when using the DirectX 12 and Vulkan APIs, and is often slightly inferior in projects with DX11.

Intel ARC A750 performance/$

But the graph with performance/$ indicators already shows a ~50+% advantage of Intel ARC A750 over GeForce RTX 3060. Despite the fact that the recommended price of the latter is only 14% higher than that of new products from Intel – $329 vs. $289. At the same time, in its calculations, Intel uses an average market price of RTX 3060 of $418.

Intel ARC A750 A770 specs

That is, there are still questions after the protracted announcement. We are waiting for the results of independent testing, which should appear after the completion of the NDA for the publication of comparative materials on October 5. We hope that Intel’s willingness to “reveal all cards” a week before the official start of sales is a good sign and the manufacturer’s confidence in the competitiveness of its devices.