Volvo has released new information about its future flagship. Most importantly, the Volvo EX90 electric crossover is scheduled to debut on November 9 this year. We will remind: the network has already seen a new electric car and the first general information was made public.

And now new details have become known. For example, about the use of two internal cameras at once, which will monitor the driver’s condition and their attention. Or about the availability of the Volvo EX90 model with a complex of 5 radars, 8 cameras, 16 ultrasound sensors, as well as LiDAR. The latter can see pedestrians at a distance of up to 250 meters and notice small objects at a distance of up to 120 meters.

All this will provide a “circle view” for the various systems of the Volvo EX90 car. Which, in the end, will allow us to start a new era of safety in the field of road transport. This is exactly what the representatives of the Volvo company claim and emphasize.