Google is teasing the Pixel Watch ahead of the presentation

Unlike some other companies, Google more boldly demonstrates its products on the eve of official presentations. In October, along with the new smartphones, Google should also present its first “smart” watch, the Pixel Watch. And the company does not hide it in any way, showing a short video with the design of the device.

The video doesn’t give much detail, but careful viewers will spot the markings on the back: 50m and Gorilla Glass. The video places special emphasis on the side panel, where there is a wheel-button for control.

Of course, the video also shows off the different colors of the cases and straps. There should be more of the latter. Along with this, the system of their fastening is demonstrated.

One of the most interesting elements are different dials. There are seven options in the video. Each of them also shows that the future watch has a large bezel around the display, which is much smaller than the body of the device.

The small thickness of the Pixel Watch is particularly noteworthy. Traditional watches are quite thick, which can visually burden the appearance. As a result, the Pixel Watch will be more versatile and in some cases even more convenient. True, users would most likely choose a slightly thicker case with a larger battery.

We remind you that some details about the Pixel Watch have already appeared on the Internet, and we will find out which of them will come true October 6.