The release of new versions of operating systems usually brings with it not only a number of improvements and extended functionality but also some new bugs. This is what happened with iOS 16, which Apple released last week. Many have noticed that almost every time they have to copy and paste some information, the system asks the user for permission to paste.

One user wrote an email to Craig Federighi and Tim Cook complaining about the system’s performance. Ron Huang, a senior manager at Apple, joined the correspondence, responding that this behavior was completely unexpected and that a pop-up window should not appear every time a user wants to insert information.

If the feature works properly, the number of permission requests users see will be significantly reduced. Because in this case, the insert confirmation notifications will only appear when the application tries to read the contents of the clipboard without user interaction, which could potentially be done maliciously.

Ron Huang added that Apple has not encountered this system behavior in internal testing, so they will understand the causes of the bug and fix it. However, it is not yet clear how long it will take the developers of the company.

I should note that I personally noticed this bug both in the public beta versions of iOS 16 and in the public beta version of iOS 16.1. So it’s interesting how long Apple has known about its existence and is trying to fix the situation.