Sony has announced that it is making a new Karate Kid movie. It will be the new attempt at a reboot of the picture after the 2010 movie with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, Karate Kid, and the first since Sony Pictures Television’s series Cobra Kai greatly increased the popularity of the franchise. Whether the film, scheduled for release in June 2024, will have any connection to the popular TV series is not yet known, reports The A.V. Club.

News of the Karate Kid reboot was Sony’s biggest announcement of the weekend, but it also came with a number of changes to the studio’s schedule. In particular, it became known that the appearance of the character Madame Webb – Dakota Johnson in the film from the Spider-Man universe (which will not include Spider-Man) – has been postponed by about four months, to February 2024. Meanwhile, the superhero movie from the same movie universe Kraven the Hunter has been postponed to an earlier date and will be released in January 2023.