Carscoops is publishing third-party renderings of the Range Rover electric sedan. But, as it often happens, sometimes the view “from the side” can be even more apt and interesting than the original developments. Did it happen this time?

Here’s a look at the photos: The Range Rover Vision Travel sedan is designed with the current Range Rover models in mind. In the general shape of the body, there are hints of the Range Rover Velar and the new “big” Range Rover. For example, the design of the Range Rover Vision Travel stands out with tinted roof racks that are “hidden” at the level of the windows, a contrasting insert on the front doors, a solid taillight, etc.

And it is also worth noting the narrow headlights and air ducts on the hood – it is the latter that hint that it should be quite spacious inside, and this can only be achieved by installing a compact electric motor. This gives us the following hint: the Range Rover Vision Travel sedan is an electric car.

Although, of course, first of all, these are just ideas and visions of a third-party designer. But if the Range Rover Vision Travel electric sedan becomes a reality, it could be a worthy competitor to the Mercedes EQS and Lucid Air.