The Ukrainian Film Academy selected 48 projects that will receive Netflix funding for script creation. A total of 717 projects participated in the program – 57 documentaries, 190 game series and 370 feature films. The initiative of the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity and the Ukrainian Film Academy is designed to help Ukrainian artists in Ukraine and around the world who have suffered or been displaced by the war.

48 Ukrainian teams consisting of a producer and a screenwriter will receive grants in the amount of $15,000 for script development, as well as the opportunity to join exclusive online sessions with international industry experts.

The projects were evaluated by a team of leading Ukrainian experts, Netflix did not have access to and did not participate in any evaluation of the materials submitted for participation in the program, and does not assume any obligations regarding the projects participating in the program. That is, it should not be assumed that all these scenarios will be translated into real films and series, but if at least a few of them make it to the streaming service, it will be a victory.

The list of selected projects is below. As you can see from the titles, among them there are films and series dedicated to Ukrainian history, modernity and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Original feature-length feature films

  • Azovstal, author of the script Oleh Sentsov, producer Denys Ivanov;
  • Antonivka (working title), author of the script Kateryna Hornostay, producer Vika Khomenko;
  • Intervention, screenwriter Yevhen Tunik, producer Oleksii Hladushevskyi;
  • For Victory!, author of the script Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer Iya Myslitska;
  • The Golden Lion on Ivan Kupala, author of the script Daria Onishchenko, producer Pylyp Illenko;
  • Odesa-Berlin, author of the script Pavlo Arye, producer Valerii Kalmykov;
  • Special relationship, author of the script Antonio Lukich, producer Anna Yatsenko;
  • Revenge, author of the script Andrii Donchyk, producer Yevhenii Dyachenko;
  • PTSD, screenwriter Andriy Negreskul, producer Maksym Asadchyi;
  • Seven Returns Forever, script author Mykhailo Illenko, producer Myroslav Hai;
  • Tigercatchers, screenwriter Anna Buryachkova, producer Nataliia Libet;
  • Tragedy, screenwriter Pavlo Ostrikov, producer Anna Yatsenko;
  • Cherry Blossom, screenwriter Marysia Nikityuk, producer Solomiia Ilnytska;
  • Red on White, screenwriter Iryna Hromozda, producer Olena Lavreniuk;
  • Ukraine is the capital of Great Britain, written by Antonina Noyabrova, produced by Danylo Kaptiukh;
  • I don’t remember this war, screenwriter Ihor Savichenko, producer Solomiia Ilnytska.

Original game series

  • Day till evening, screenwriter Oleh Zborovskyi, producer Kateryna Vyshnevska;
  • Boyarka, screenwriter Olha Hibelinda, producer Ivanna Khitsinska;
  • She woke up, screenwriter Yevheniia Savichenko, producer Ivanna Dyadyura;
  • Ingigerda, screenwriter Dmytro Kapranov, producer Olesia Nogina;
  • My heart is steel, screenwriter Alina Semeryakova, producer Natalia Strybuk;
  • Flytrap/Sun Diggers, screenwriter Myroslav Latyk, producer Oksana Ivanyuk;
  • Unspoken, screenwriter Zhanna Ozirna, producer Dmytro Sukhanov;
  • Olha Kyivska, screenwriter Valerii Primost, producer Bella Terzi;
  • Train from Ukraine, author of the script Liliia Molodetska, producer Oksana Zadorozhna;
  • Guide, screenwriter Oksana Artemenko, producer Olena Yakovitska;
  • Untitled Project, screenwriter Dmytro Kitsai, producer Yehor Olesov;
  • Revolution on Granite, screenwriter Anton Bazelynskyi, producer Halyna Khrapko;
  • Strings, screenwriter Khachatur Vasilyan, producer Zlata Yefimenko;
  • The Mystery of Alchevsky, screenwriter Taras Dron, producer Nataliia Yakovleva;
  • Tina, screenwriter Arkadii Nepytalyuk, producer Olesya Lukyanenko;
  • Topless photo, author of the script Nataliia Blok, producer Dmytro Minzyanov.

Documentary projects

  • Amateur, screenwriter Nadiia Parfan, producer Illia Hladshtein;
  • Eternal hike, screenwriter Irena Stetsenko, producer Vitalii Sheremetyev;
  • Blessed, screenwriter Andrii Lysetskyi, producer Hennadiy Kofman;
  • War in Chornobyl, screenwriter Oleksiy Radinsky, producer Lyuba Knorozok;
  • Guests from Kharkiv, screenwriter Halyna Lavrynets, producer Oleksandr Bratyshchenko;
  • Diviya, screenwriter Dmytro Hreshko, producer Polina Herman;
  • Days that you want to forget, screenwriter Alina Horlova, producer Maksym Nakonechnyi;
  • Behind the scenes, screenwriter Maryna Stepanska, producer Yuliia Sinkevich;
  • Iron Man (One day I want to see you happy), screenwriter Maryna Nikolcheva, producer Oleksandr Kravchenko;
  • The End of Moscow, screenwriter Maksym Bernadskyi, producer Yehor Olesov;
  • Displaced (working title), screenwriter Olha Zhurba, producer Dariia Bassel;
  • Ash that settles in a layer on the surface, screenwriter Zoya Laktionova, producer Valery Sochivets;
  • Ukraine is so far away, screenwriter Dariia Averchenko, producer Roman Bondarchuk;
  • Mariupol fortress, screenwriter Yuliia Hontaruk, producer Ivanna Khitsynska;
  • Front, screenwriter Alisa Kovalenko, producer Valerii Kalmykov;
  • Red Zone, screenwriter Iryna Tsylyk, producer Daria Bassel.

At the beginning of September, it became known that Netflix is ​​opening its regional office in Warsaw, which will work for Central and Eastern Europe and is looking for employees, including those with knowledge of the Ukrainian language.