It turns out that many people don’t know about a very simple and convenient feature in iOS that helps to make neat marks on screenshots.

From time to time, many users need to highlight something on a screenshot. For this, iOS has long had the ability to draw something on the screenshot just taken. But it is usually difficult to call such marks neat, because not everyone can make an even line, circle, arrow, etc.

But there is a convenient tool for this.


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To mark something on the screenshot, for example, an even circle, the user needs to do everything as usual, but hold their finger on the screen after they have drawn the shape. The system automatically aligns it to the proper state. You can also make a square, triangle, etc. What’s more, you can even draw an arrow this way.

Yes, iOS can do this almost as well as macOS. The difference is that macOS will then allow more flexibility in editing the shape and its placement on the image, which iOS does not.

However, this is a useful life hack that will come in handy for users who need to annotate screenshots frequently.